Monday, March 31, 2014

Google Glass in Surgery

Google Glass, the darling of google.  Available now to Glass Explorers for a nominal fee of $1500.  On the general market later this year.  The Glass is full of new applications, but the one I am most interested in is surgery.  Imagine: the ability to superimpose a CT scan on your patient during surgery demonstrating the precise location of a tumor and major surrounding blood vessels.  Imagine: the ability to stream your surgery, exactly what you are seeing as a surgeon, to an expert miles and miles away for advice. Sign me up!

Then, I start thinking about the downsides of such technology.  My first concern would be that I would become what is known as a Glasshole.  Second and more important, would I become reliant?  Would surgeons as a whole become weaker because they are able to easily look up facts they should know, ask for help before they really need it because the technology is there?  In short, would google glass become a security blanket, a safety net for the previously independent surgeon?

After pondering this for quite a while I have come to the conclusion that Glass is a lot like the smartphones of today.  I already call my smartphone my "peripheral brain" as I refer to it frequently to research information, take photos etc.  Glass would be an extension of this.  Using my peripheral brain does not make me a weaker surgeon, just a more resourceful surgeon.  Finally, any opportunity we as surgeons have to advance technology is exciting.  Who knows, maybe I will come up with a new application for it and sell the idea to google ;)

Now, to the nutrition portion of the blog.  Just like google glass can give me a roadmap in surgery I will providing a roadmap for adopting a healthy, plant based diet.  The link is below.  This is a google document created by me, free to download at any time.  I will be updating it as needed.  All of the sources provided have been vetted and approved by me.  Enjoy.

Plant Based Links, Cookbooks and References

Peace, Love and Scalpels

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